Still Stuck with Shaving Cream?

razor for shaving

Are you still spending time shaving? Like, seriously? You do know that at Louisville Laser our hair removal is super affordable and we can get most areas finished in less than 30 minutes, right?  So why are you still wasting precious morning minutes messing with a razor and shaving cream!!

Think about how many times you have looked down and thought, “Yikes, I missed a patch!!!” Or how about when you totally thought you had just shaved your underarms, yet lifted your arm in a tank top and had to quickly yank it down when you noticed hair. Those moments do not have happen!! You don’t have to worry about embarrassing hair during bikini season either! Seriously, we can make all of those issues never happen!!

“Don’t I have to let my hair grow out for weeks to do hair removal?”

Absolutely not! We would never ask you to do that! All we ask is that you don’t wax or tweeze for 4 weeks prior to the appointment. Shaving every day is totally fine.

Ok, so we don’t make you walk around hairy, we get you in and out, now let’s address, “Is it painful??” Many compare the feeling to a quick rubber band snap. You feel a zap, but then the feeling is gone. Most say it’s just a mild discomfort, but that it happens so fast it’s no big deal. If the fear of discomfort is holding you back though, we offer numbing cream to help ease your worries!

There is absolutely no reason to still be stuck in the old days of razors and shaving cream! Call Louisville Laser today and say adios to missed patches, embarrassing chin hair and razors bumps!