Still Stuck with Shaving Cream?

razor for shaving

Are you still spending time shaving? Like, seriously? You do know that at Louisville Laser our hair removal is super affordable and we can get most areas finished in less than 30 minutes, right?  So why are you still wasting precious morning minutes messing with a razor and shaving cream!!

Think about how many times you have looked down and thought, “Yikes, I missed a patch!!!” Or how about when you totally thought you had just shaved your underarms, yet lifted your arm in a tank top and had to quickly yank it down when you noticed hair. Those moments do not have happen!! You don’t have to worry about embarrassing hair during bikini season either! Seriously, we can make all of those issues never happen!!

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Filler: For Lips that Need a Little Boost

fuller lips with fillers

When I say the word “FILLER” what picture pops into your head? Let me guess, you immediately think of a girl who looks like she has floatation devices for lips. I get it, poor filler has gotten a bad rap thanks to some people who have taken it to the extremes. I totally had the same mindset you guys do, until I took the plunge into the world of filler last year.

The lines above my lip were really starting to bother me and the more pictures I saw of myself, the more I wondered why the heck my lips kept looking smaller and smaller. Working in a med spa, I continually see women come in with tons of lines above their lips, yet within minutes of getting filler, look as smooth as a 20 year old! I also repeatedly see women with teeny tiny lips come in and with help of one syringe of Restylane, walk out with lips that scream LUSCIOUS!

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Perfect Time for HCG Weight Loss Program

poolside fun

Ok, so who saw the bathing suits already out at Target and felt a deep panic? Can it already be that time to start worrying about how we will look in our swim suit?

Truth is we are only 6 weeks from spring break! That means in 42 days many of us will travel to Florida or somewhere warm and be forced to be at peace with wearing a swim suit! When you break it down to days, it sure doesn’t seem like long enough to get our winter bodies turned into beach bodies. But actually it is the perfect amount of days!!

Our HCG program is a 21-42 day program, where most women lose around 31 lbs in the 42 days and men lose between 40-50 lbs! 31-50 lbs off by spring break? Yes, please!

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A Little Secret About Botox

botox before-afters

Click to view interactive gallery of Botox before-afters!

I have a secret to tell you.

The celebrities who all of a sudden have lips the size of baseballs and eyebrows that touch their hairline, yet claim they just did Botox – are lying. I assure you they made a secret visit to a plastic surgeon through a back door so that the paparazzi would not expose them. Then, wanted all of us to believe that with just a touch of Botox they were able to have a smaller nose, frozen forehead and lips that looked like they had allergic reaction. Yeah, right?!

As somebody who has used Botox and Dysport for the last 8-10 years, I can assure you I have never walked around and looked like I had a shocked expression all day. I have never had people stare at me and wonder what the heck I had put in my face.

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