We get it – you may have been pleased with your tattoo initially.  But over time, as the ink begins to fade and your lifestyle changes, you may decide to have your tattoo removed. Lucky for you, Louisville Laser features a state-of-the-art laser that can do just that – the Candela® Alex TriVantage® laser!

The Alex TriVantage features an advanced pulsing technique, which allows the laser’s energy to enter the skin just quickly enough to heat up and shatter the unwanted tattoo ink, while keeping the surrounding skin unharmed.

Our lasers treat a wide variety of color wavelengths, so tattoos of multiple colors can be treated at the same time. However, some colors and tattoo styles may take several treatments before your unwanted tattoo is invisible. Factors include: skin type, age of the tattoo, ink color and density, tattoo application process, tattoo size, and your own immune system. Regardless of your tattoo, we are confident we can help.

Find out whether you are a candidate for laser tattoo removal. Call us at 502-499-6608 or book a free consultation at the spa. Tattoo removal packages include 10 treatments to ensure best results. Package pricing is based on tattoo size, and can be found on our pricing page.