Testimonials on Laser Treatments

“I’m SO happy with my experiences at Louisville Laser! I recommend everyone I know to them! The environment is great, the staff is friendly, and the results are awesome! You can tell the people here love their jobs and make sure to treat you well. I would not go anywhere else for hair removal! I am so grateful for taking the chance at this because my results are unbelievable.”

“All of the exam rooms are spacious, clean and private. There is a TV on the wall if you want to focus on something else other than the zapping. The pain is pretty minimal, but sometimes it is nice to pretend there isn’t a stranger focusing very intently on your armpit!”

“I recently completed laser hair removal, skin tightening and pigment treatments at Louisville Laser. The staff was professional and friendly. My results were wonderful. I highly recommend Louisville Laser.”

“Very friendly staff that took care of me in a fast and pain free manner. I saw results just like they said I would. I can’t wait until my next appointment!”

“The staff here is incredibly knowledgable and accommodating. Any questions I had were answered with the utmost professionalism. The hair removal treatments are going better than I could have hoped for. Highly recommend.”

“I had my first laser treatment…they were terrific…they explained each step to me prior to starting…and gave me info on what to expect and do after my treatment. I would highly recommend them!”

“I have gotten my under arms, bikini and legs done (with one treatment remaining for my legs) and I love the results. I have dark skin and their equipment is by far the best! Even better than laser treatments in Los Angeles. I did have an issue with the technician putting a low setting and my hairs growing back within a month. However, I expressed my disappointment and was given the proper treatment in replacement of that bad one. I think this is one of the best laser facilities in the nation because of their equipment.”

“Always had the fear of getting lasered, but they made it easy for me to think about doing it again. Keep it up, guys!”

“Took great care of me. Looked them up on BBB and found they had great reputation.”

“The staff are always friendly and helpful, have been coming to Louisville laser for some time. My technician, Lauren has always been accommodating for me and is obv well educated and knows what she is talking about. Would recommend this establishment, expect great results!”

“Nice place, friendly staff. Results have been better than what I expected.”

“The staff at Louisville Laser are great! I’m always asking questions about procedures and they are helpful and informative and answer every question with a smile. They make you feel comfortable during the procedures. I am so happy with the results I have received from my visits. I’m a lifetime customer of theirs and & I highly recommend them to others.”

Testimonials on Aesthetic Treatments

“Just wanted to say thank you for the service you provided me Friday. Very friendly staff and VERY knowledgable. Can’t wait to see the results.”

“I have had several types of treatments there, and have had nothing but exceptional service and results. The staff is always friendly and professional, and I have recommended them to several friends and family members.”

“I’ve had both dysport and restylane performed at Louisville Laser and have been very satisfied each time. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Looking forward to trying the microdermabrasion and a Hydrafacial next. I highly recommend this place to friends and family.”

“I have nothing but praise for Louisville Laser. Very professional,extremely neat and clean business.Everyone is polite and friendly,giving you information as what to expect from their treatments, after every visit I received a courtesy call the next day as to how I was doing and if everything was satisfactory.Appointments were on time, and carried out professionally and with concern for your well being. I would recommend Louisville Laser to anyone I know, and have. Thanks for a very pleasant experience!!”

“They are very good people and they took care of me. A friend who had experience their service asked me to try them and i must say that i am satisfied with the service i was given. Great work and see you guys soon.”

“Great service and friendly staff. I am always in and out no waiting, they also have great reminders of your appointment.”

Testimonials on HCG Weight Loss Treatments


“As a father and husband of 2 clients of Louisville Laser, I can tell you the results have been truly amazing!!! My wife lost more than 60lbs with HCG and has kept it off for more than a year now. The support she received from Charlene and staff has given her the motivation to continue eating right and exercise regularly. My daughter had really bad acne on her forehead and began taking photofacial treatments which completely took care of the problem. Her confidence level has dramatically increased thanks to her clear skin. Thanks Louisville Laser for taking away my wife and daughter’s insecurities and giving them the ability to realize they are beautiful both inside and out!!!”

“I’ve tried it all but HCG is the first thing that has worked and motivated me to change my lifestyle. The quick results help keep you motivated and determined! You can do anything for 42 days!!! I feel better and younger than I have in years. As a mom, sometimes we don’t take care of ourselves because we get so busy. This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!!”

“HCG has helped me to understand how different foods affect my body. Losing the weight was great, but reprogramming my body and choosing healthier foods has really made me feel so much better about myself! HCG is positively life changing!”

“Each day, when I think of the results I achieved from my 40 days with HCG, I continue to smile. At the beginning I told myself, you can endure a diet for 40 days. I was thrilled when the HCG and healthy foods on the plan kept me from being hungry and kept my energy level high. It didn’t feel so much like a diet, but learning more about how my body reacted to my food choices. As the under layers of fat started coming off, I realized just how amazing the HCG injections are for minimizing this trouble area of mine. It took me a while to decide to take this step and my only regret is that I hadn’t done it earlier.”

“I have recommended Louisville laser to all my friends. Enjoying all of the many services they offer and the knowledge of all the staff is great. Charlene has always been there for me no matter what I’ve needed. Thanks Charlene… Go check them out! I was very successful with the weight loss (HGC) loosing close to 30lbs and feel great.”