Filler: For Lips that Need a Little Boost

fuller lips with fillers

When I say the word “FILLER” what picture pops into your head? Let me guess, you immediately think of a girl who looks like she has floatation devices for lips. I get it, poor filler has gotten a bad rap thanks to some people who have taken it to the extremes. I totally had the same mindset you guys do, until I took the plunge into the world of filler last year.

The lines above my lip were really starting to bother me and the more pictures I saw of myself, the more I wondered why the heck my lips kept looking smaller and smaller. Working in a med spa, I continually see women come in with tons of lines above their lips, yet within minutes of getting filler, look as smooth as a 20 year old! I also repeatedly see women with teeny tiny lips come in and with help of one syringe of Restylane, walk out with lips that scream LUSCIOUS!

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity any longer to make a little tweak that would make me feel so much better! So guess what ladies, I did it! I walked right into the nurse’s room and begged her to take the “smokers lines” away and give me lips that actually showed up in pics! I was nervous, actually almost terrified. I was so afraid of walking out looking like a duck!! But I’ve seen our NP’s work, so I sucked it up and trusted her. I am so glad that I did, I am obsessed with my lips now!! They are perfect!!! No more smoker’s lines, no more lipstick running all over my face and no more wondering why I have no lips in pictures!! I can’t help, but smile as I look in the mirror and put lip gloss on!!

So don’t be scared! Trust our professional, extremely experienced staff to give you the lips that when you look in the mirror you say, “What’s up, hottie?” Instead of “UGH, I have my mother’s lines.”