A Little Secret About Botox

botox before-afters

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I have a secret to tell you.

The celebrities who all of a sudden have lips the size of baseballs and eyebrows that touch their hairline, yet claim they just did Botox – are lying. I assure you they made a secret visit to a plastic surgeon through a back door so that the paparazzi would not expose them. Then, wanted all of us to believe that with just a touch of Botox they were able to have a smaller nose, frozen forehead and lips that looked like they had allergic reaction. Yeah, right?!

As somebody who has used Botox and Dysport for the last 8-10 years, I can assure you I have never walked around and looked like I had a shocked expression all day. I have never had people stare at me and wonder what the heck I had put in my face.

It’s quite the opposite really. I am constantly asked what kind of skin care I use and if good skin just runs in my family. They can’t tell that I have eliminated my lines and wrinkles with Botox, they think I naturally just aged well. Sorry, but with 3 kids, a full time job and a nonprofit – mama needs a little help to not look like a tired mess! I mean seriously, I have a teenage daughter (instant wrinkles right there!), a 12 year old boy who loves to be the class clown (I’m not gonna lie, I have just started hater buttoning his teacher’s calls) and a nonverbal 6 year old with special needs.

This is why Botox and eye cream will forever be my BFF! It is designed to help relax the area so that lines fade away and you simply look like you have a rock star skin regimen. It’s how I prevent being asked all the time, “Did you not get any sleep last night?” And how I can walk into a room even though my 6 year old spilled her breakfast on me and my teenager had an attitude for absolutely no reason, and can look refreshed and put together.

I had somebody once tell me, “I will never use Botox. I earned my wrinkles.” I earned mine also, but I also earned the right to feel my best.