Popular Areas for Men’s Laser Hair Removal

People usually associate hair removal methods and practices with women, but recently men are increasingly turning to hair removal services. Though there’s a stigma around how men address hair removal, about 20% of procedures involving laser hair removal involve men. To be candid, the tediousness that comes with frequent hair trimming is something no one enjoys, and that’s why the option of permanently reducing body hair is an ideal one not only for women but also for men.

What is Laser Hair Removal for Men and How Does it Work?

Laser hair removal is the application of laser light technology to remove body hair. The method involves using lasers to emit just enough pulses of light energy such that they penetrate a hairy person’s skin, targeting their hair follicles and roots. Once that beam of light disables the cycle of reproduction of their hair follicles, the hair stops growing and leads to permanent hair reduction. This procedure doesn’t hurt the skin.

The science of what happens in simple terms is that the light from the laser gets absorbed by your hair pigment and converts into heat which delays future hair growth.

Popular Areas for Men’s Laser Hair Removal


How do you feel after finding out from your mirror that the pesky hairs on your face are trying to join your two eyebrows into one long line? Do you prefer maintaining a certain hairline shape? What about ear hair? If your answer to even one of these questions is “yes”, then it’s pretty understandable why your face needs a better grooming routine adjustment. Most men spend so much time shaving their facial hair, which keeps growing back in extremely short intervals. Laser hair removal helps to give your beard a crispy look and eliminates stray hairs.


No one likes the unavoidable irritation that comes with shaving the neck area beneath the chin. Using a razor to shave the front or back area of the neck can easily result in improper hair growth that comes with ingrown hairs and blemishes. You know how extremely unpleasant they are. Laser hair removal is a game-changer in the hair removal domain as it makes your after-shave feel and look of your skin worth the effort. Razor burns, bumps, and blemishes are a thing of the past. Lasering away hair helps men to save lots of time and money in touch-ups.


Many men feel uncomfortable when in a situation that warrants their hairy body, especially the chest to be seen by their family members or some random people. Some male clients admit that they need laser hair removal because they are too embarrassed to go swimming in the company of their family with a hairy chest. It’s quite a common issue, and that’s the reason lots of clients go for chest hair treatment. Even for some partners, a hairy chest isn’t flattering, and that explains why they will enjoy feeling your just-shaved smooth chest more.


Back hair is one of the most unpleasant hair growth men face, and it can also reduce one’s self-confidence. One additional problem is that you can neither shave back hair nor treat them successfully by yourself. Get your unwanted back hair laser removed and next, you’ll be that confident shirtless guy in the summer heat having fun with friends and family.

Why Do Men Get Laser Hair Removal?

Unwarranted Body Hair/Aesthetics

A lot of men have a problem with excessive hair growth in certain parts of their body, and the discomfort that comes with regular shaving is too much to handle. Laser hair removal makes getting rid of such hair much easier, comfortable and affordable in the long run. It’s, therefore, their best way to laser-remove the unwanted hair on their back, neck, chest, stomach and everywhere else. Also, know that it’s a misconstrued idea that laser hair removal will clean you too much to appear like a hairless fitness model. However, you can still remove your hair that way if you want.

Many guys who prefer treating their chest hair do so because they feel that thinning it out as opposed to eliminating all the hair gives it a finer and sparser look.


The idea that a very hairy body is unhygienic is a misconception. For some men, having hair keeps away irritation but also a great number of guys just want to reduce the amount of bushiness and sometimes the itchiness that may increase in the summer months due to the extra hair. People’s bodies differ, and certain guys just have a lot of hair.

Bad Hair or Plugs Balding
Some men are taking their balding to a whole new level. They prefer treating their hair to do away with sporadic balding, which they dislike.

Is Laser Hair Removal permanent?

Laser hair removal is a state-of-the-art hair reduction method that leaves your hair reduced permanently even if you choose to discontinue the treatment after the first session. So, make up your mind fully before signing up for the procedure. Besides, opting for permanent hair removal puts you in a better position to feel more confident about your looks and feel than going through the trouble of regularly razor-shaving the hair on your neck, back and so on, only to end up with bumps and ingrown hairs.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

The way lasers used to hurt has gone down significantly since more sophisticatedly built lasers are in the market now. However, pain varies per person. Your pain tolerance will determine how much a laser hurts you, but generally, the pain feels more like a pinprick. Such a level of pain is worth it since you’re taking an important treatment.

Typically, laser removal is 40 percent better than waxing when it comes to what hurts more as well as the ripping or skin damage that usually comes from waxing. Note that laser technology helps bypass the epidermis, leaving the skin undamaged and rather causes collagen stimulation.

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