The demand for laser hair removal in the U.S. is at an all-time high, up 52 percent in 2012 over the year 2000. More men and women than ever are enjoying its benefits and scheduling treatments to have unwanted facial and body hair permanently removed. Here at Louisville Laser, we’ve seen first-hand the piqued interest of people who dream of banishing bothersome hair. Most are excited about the possibility of smooth, hair-free skin, but some are concerned about the process and what they should expect.


Laser treatment sessions at Louisville Laser utilize up-to-date technology designed to target hair follicles and leave surrounding skin tissue unharmed. Our lasers are capable of high volume hair removal as well as treatment for very small areas. All sessions are performed from the comfort of our office while you relax wearing protective eyewear.

In the days and weeks that follow laser hair removal, you will notice follicles dying and hairs falling out one by one. Because hair grows in cycles, most clients require a handful of sessions – to achieve desirable results. Come in for a consultation and we will tell you how many sessions are needed for ideal results.


Laser hair removal wouldn’t be among the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedures if it was intolerable or terribly painful. Though there may be some minor discomfort associated with laser hair removal, most find it negligible in comparison to the outstanding results that follow the procedure. Keep in mind that everyone has varying levels of pain tolerance, but most find laser hair removal far less uncomfortable than waxing.

For more information about what you should expect from laser hair removal, contact the staff here at Louisville Laser today. We will be happy to answer any lingering questions you may have and help you decide if laser hair removal is right for you.

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