Instead of giving in to the aging process or attempting to disguise it, we here at Louisville Laser are helping men and women fight back — with brown spot removal.

Imagine: You are enjoying a summer afternoon bare-armed, make-up free, and sporting a flattering v-neck tank top. You aren’t worried about the way your skin looks because you’ve undergone laser treatment at Louisville Laser to lighten brown spots and even out your skin tone.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not – just ask our many satisfied clients!

Pigmented lesions, brown spots, age spots, liver spots – whatever you call them, these flat areas of discoloration can pop up the skin, becoming increasingly visible with age. Though harmless and benign, their prominence in areas like the face, hands, and chest can quickly become a source of self-consciousness and embarrassment. You probably work hard to cover them up with make-up or long sleeves and perhaps have tried home remedies to reduce their appearance. Wouldn’t you love to rid yourself of age spots for good?

Laser Brown Spot Removal at Louisville Laser

Our lasers are specially designed for use on patients with bothersome brown spots. Treatment is performed from the comfort of our office using high-intensity light that is absorbed by darkened skin pigments. It takes only a few minutes to damage the lesion, which eventually sloughs off within 1 to 2 weeks of treatment. In many cases clients require only a single session, though some request additional visits to achieve desirable results.

It’s true: Beautiful, even-toned skin can be yours, too – simply set up your first visit with Louisville Laser today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about brown spot removal at your free consultation.

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