Perfect Time for HCG Weight Loss Program

poolside fun

Ok, so who saw the bathing suits already out at Target and felt a deep panic? Can it already be that time to start worrying about how we will look in our swim suit?

Truth is we are only 6 weeks from spring break! That means in 42 days many of us will travel to Florida or somewhere warm and be forced to be at peace with wearing a swim suit! When you break it down to days, it sure doesn’t seem like long enough to get our winter bodies turned into beach bodies. But actually it is the perfect amount of days!!

Our HCG program is a 21-42 day program, where most women lose around 31 lbs in the 42 days and men lose between 40-50 lbs! 31-50 lbs off by spring break? Yes, please!

Can you imagine, not hiding from the camera this year on the beach? Not hiding under a towel when somebody you know walks by? Feeling confident in your own body can be an amazing feeling, and we want to empower as many women and men as possible to love the image looking back at them in the mirror!

So stop telling yourself all the reasons it won’t work for you, stop reminding yourself of previous diet fails and pick up your phone!! If you stick to our HCG program, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT! And with weekly weigh ins to make sure you are staying motivated, you won’t have to worry about doing this journey on your own!

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