Filler: For Lips that Need a Little Boost

fuller lips with fillers

When I say the word “FILLER” what picture pops into your head? Let me guess, you immediately think of a girl who looks like she has floatation devices for lips. I get it, poor filler has gotten a bad rap thanks to some people who have taken it to the extremes. I totally had the same mindset you guys do, until I took the plunge into the world of filler last year.

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A Little Secret About Botox

botox before-afters

Click to view interactive gallery of Botox before-afters!

I have a secret to tell you.

The celebrities who all of a sudden have lips the size of baseballs and eyebrows that touch their hairline, yet claim they just did Botox – are lying. I assure you they made a secret visit to a plastic surgeon through a back door so that the paparazzi would not expose them. Then, wanted all of us to believe that with just a touch of Botox they were able to have a smaller nose, frozen forehead and lips that looked like they had allergic reaction. Yeah, right?!

As somebody who has used Botox and Dysport for the last 8-10 years, I can assure you I have never walked around and looked like I had a shocked expression all day. I have never had people stare at me and wonder what the heck I had put in my face.

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